Kathleen is a highly respected and creative teacher who specializes in working with students from age 3 to 84. She is a Steinway & Sons recommended teacher who combines the study of both classical and non-classical piano. She encourages her young students through an integrative method that involves many levels of their creativity including: music writing, story writing, improvisation and art. Many of her students have graduated from highly regarded schools including Manhattan School of Music, University of Michigan and New York Laguardia School of Performing Arts and have pursued life long careers in music. Having fun with music and exploring sounds through improvisation is an essential part of every lesson. Kathleen believes in the benefits of early music study for the developing brain and has recently started students at the early age of 3 with excellent results in their pitch awareness, rhythmic coordination and early ability to recognize and read music notation. Her goal is to encourage a life long love of music and for those who chose, an avocation or profession that will reward them spiritually through this universal language.